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Oh Script started as a dream to combine a love of paper goods with an appreciation for wordplay and puns. 

We are a family-owned and woman-led company. We started on Etsy in October 2018 and we have loved seeing the way our customers use our cards for all milestones in life. 

But first, it all started with an idea...


I (Alex) was the Type A planner who would always stock up on greeting cards when I stood in line at Marshalls or browsed the greeting card aisles at Target. While the cards were adorable, I always felt like they didn't deliver the right sass and cheeky language I used in life. Giving my best friend a stuffy birthday card just didn't sit right. 

Fortunately for me, my younger sister Monica decided to become a graphic designer and her skills led to the obvious partnership that would take my idea into a full-fledged business. 

We convinced my boyfriend Shane to round out our business partnership because he's a numbers wiz and they always say hire your weaknesses 😉. 

We launched with 12 cards. This is the Cheesiest Card I Could Find was a best-seller from Day One! 

Oh Script Team


Now, as we add more cards every season, we decided to spread our wings and get our own .com! This gives us the flexibility to show you behind the scenes with blog posts and newsletters, offer you more discounts and sales, and get into your favorite gift stores so you can shop us locally.

We hope you love visiting our little corner of the web! We can't wait to use Oh Script cards and our website to bring you smiles. 


Monica (left), Alex (center), and Shane (right)




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